Know the Very Expensive Cars Sold in Live Auctions

Do you have an extra 20 million dollars? Probably, you are more interested on the cheapest car at the live auctions if you don’t have this kind of amount to spend. When you are quite familiar with the Bugatti Type 41, it was considered to be most expensive car sold and it was nearly 90 years old at the time of sale. This was one of the largest cars made and this may have something to do with the sale price as well. When you are going for the biggest car or not, but if it means cheapest, this is just not about the budget buys, it was actually the cheapest of the highly expensive cars sold in history. But, there are also other high-priced cars that you can get at live auctions these days if you are interested in them.

You may just love to get the 1939 Alfa Romeo is one of the first sports car models that were made and this still continues to look sleek even today. There were just 32 of this particular made in the year 1930s and because of its rarity, this is why it has been priced highly. If you ever see this on the road, you would be imagining the black-and-white era movie stars wearing their cat-eye sunglasses and with hair wrapped with scarf.

The 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale was also one of the highly-priced cars sold in live auctions. You might choose to skip this entry if you are the kind of person who is not quite familiar with technical car talk. This is a really rare Ferrari since there were only three of this made.

What also makes it quite unique is the collaboration of the designers as well as the bodywork professionals. Pininfarina designed this car but the bodywork was accomplished by Scaglietti. And also talking about the specifics, such car comes with 320 HP V12 engine. Actually, there are six Weber 38 DCN carburetors and this has five-speed stick-shift transmission too. But, it still remains unknown why they just made three of it.

1955 Jaguar D-Type XKD 501 may be something that will interest you if you want to have a race car. This may not actually look like the one which you see in Daytona but this is still a winner. This won the 24 Hours of Le Man in the year 1956. It was actually the first car of such type to run this race and it was driven by the Ecurie Ecosse racing team. This may still be owned by the Scottish racing team but this still has nearly the same condition to such day that this car won. You can find too few cars of such model-type this day and this is why this has the $23 million price in live auctions.

There are still other cars that you may find interesting in live auctions. Why not try looking for them so that you will know more.

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